Why Every Business Should Be On Facebook

There are many reasons why facebook for business should be implemented today. Social media is growing at a rate that is tough to wrap your mind around. The number of social outlets a business faces to promote their product is astounding and they must keep up with social trends to stay ahead of the competition. Facebook has evolved; it’s no longer just used to look up old friends. Facebook is here to stay and if businesses want to be the frontrunners in their market, being on Facebook is a must.

To ignore Facebook and continue advertising and promoting in only traditional print varieties means not living up to your business’s potential. Taking advantage of Facebook by creating a page devoted to your business is free, easy, and highly advised to attract new customers.  Why shut out a projected 700 million users in 2011? The visibility you can give your company proves facebook for business is a common sense approach in today’s society.

Facebook For Business Is About Connecting With Potential Customers And Developing Trust

One of the most attractive reasons for getting your business on Facebook is the interaction you have with people who have come to your page. Connecting with people online makes them feel special and will likely persuade them to either start, or continue, dealing with you for the foreseeable future. You’ve given them a one-on-one opening into your business, which is appreciated by loyal customers. Building this relationship with your fans will allow you to adapt your marketing, as well as your business services, to meet what they are asking for. Some want to give advice, others want no changes and to thank you for the good work. That’s facebook for business.

facebook for business
Those thanking you for a good experience with your company have given you free unsolicited feedback that you did not need to pay for. This goes a long way to improving your business based on the comments you receive online for positive experiences or recommendations for changes. Customers’ reaching out to you on Facebook is an opportunity for you to assist or handle their issues swiftly and to the customer’s satisfaction, which helps breed loyalty.

Facebook For Business Is A Modern Word Of Mouth Strategy

Additionally, word of mouth is the most powerful and effective form of advertising and using facebook for business is no different. Facebook is powerful in the sense that you can ask your customers to “like” your fan page. Once “liked”, friends of that customer will see your business show up on their page and may click through to your business out of curiosity, or to fill a need of theirs. This method can spread like wildfire if your business’s fan page is well structured, neat, and has attraction qualities that people look for.

Facebook for business is a growing trend in the 21st century and so going without a Facebook page can be detrimental when trying to keep up with a competing business that has a leg up on you with a Facebook account for their business. Facebook is an easy way to market your product, without the cost and time demands that other marketing ploys require. Continue building relationships with people interested in your company’s products or services through facebook for business and you’ll stay a step ahead of the competition

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