Website Content – Quality And Relevance Beats Quantity Everytime

Today more than ever, relevant and high quality content on your website or blog is critical for success. You have a better chance of directing and keeping targeted visitors on your site by always providing high quality relevant website content.  Quality content helps with increasing traffic to your site and converting those visitors into buyers or subscribers, bottom line is, you end up with more relevant traffic and increased sales which is the ultimate aim of a great website. Content is probably the most important component of a website in attracting readers and potential customers.

Website Content That Is Low Quality And Irrelevent Will Be Penalised By Google

The recent Panda update from Google penalised many low quality websites stuffed full of poor quality, irrelevant or duplicate content.  Some of these sites saw big drops in rankings because of the poor quality of the content and the fact that they provided nothing useful to the reader. This change rewarded those site with good quality relevant website content with an increase in rankings and of course and increase in traffic, we will see more of this in the future as Google weeds out more and more spammy low quality sites.


Website Content - Quality is King

Think Like The Reader

This was a great achievement for those people that are committed to creating top quality and relevant website content as Google has shown that they will be rewarded, unlike those sites with useless or poor quality content which are slowly disappearing off the indexes. This recent update shows that quality website content will no longer be shown below keyword stuffed irrelevant and useless content. Much more emphasis will be given to quality, not quantity and the benefits that are offered to the reader, in short, did the reader get what they were looking for from the content supplied to them based on the search query.

The structure of an article plays an important part in the effectiveness of website content in getting the correct message across. Articles that are structured in an effective manner and convey the appropriate message will tend to send more targeted traffic to your website.  This is a win for the reader as search results become more relevant to the original search query. The end user will tend to be sent to more relevant sites by the search engines and be shown good quality website content instead of the junk they may have encountered in the past. Google will tend to penalize those sites which continue to keep posting keyword stuffed irrelevant content with the aim of “tricking” the search engines, continual offenders will even have their site banned from the search engines eventually.

Website Content Should Always Be Created With The reader In Mind

The search engines will always reward good quality website content.  Google and the other search engines constantly strive to improve the search results for users and provide them with the most relevant results to their search query by fine tuning their algorithms. What you would like to read yourself can be the basis for creating quality website content and should be considered for every page or post on your website. Providing the most useful and relevant information for users has always been the ultimate goal for search engines and they will continually strive to do that.

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